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Summer School - International Human Rights Law & International Criminal and Humanitarian Law / Strasbourg - July 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Fondation René Cassin – International Institute of Human Rights organizes its 50th Summer School from 1st to 26th of July 2019 in Strasbourg (France).

This high-quality training was created by René Cassin, Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, and is dedicated to high level students in law, political and social sciences, academics and researchers, judges and lawyers, legal officers and other professionals who are dealing with human rights, national and international civil servants, members of NGO’s.

This year, the summer school will be organized in 2 units. Every interested person can register to Unit 1, Unit 2 or both:

  • From 1st to 12th of July 2019: International Human Rights Law
  • From 15th to 26th of July 2019: International Criminal and Humanitarian Law

Deadline for registration: 1st of March 2019.

Learn about registrations, programme of courses, registration fees, financial support from the Fondation : https://www.iidh.org/UK/index.php?p=page&idP=6
For any question, please contact : session@iidh.org

Feel free to circulate this information to  your network.

Yours faithfully,

Agathe Petit
Assistante de recherche / Research Assistant
Fondation René Cassin
2 allée René Cassin, 67000, Strasbourg, France
Téléphone / phone number : (+33) 3 88 45 84 49




Právnická fakulta,
Výzkumné centrum
pro lidská práva
nám. Curieových 7
116 40 Praha 1

Prof. JUDr. Pavel Šturma, DrSc.
koordinátor Centra

Tel.: +420 221 005 439


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